How to Setup Your Membership Profile

Step 1: go to the “Members Profile” page

Hover over "Members" in Main Menu and click "Members Profile" or visit this URL:

Step 2: Sign in

Sign in with your individual email address and password.The previous club-wide password will not work.

First Time Sign-Ons:
If this is your first time signing in please follow the "Request Password" user experience which will lead to an auto-generated password sent your email. This means that the Club requires the current email address you wish to associate with your membership on file.

For Family Memberships, you will be able to add emails for each of your family members if desired after the first sign on.

If the email you wish to use is not accepted please reach out to us at [email protected]

Step 3: Edit Details

Once signed in you should able to update your About, Family, and general Settings that control your digital visibility to other members, update your password and your desire to link other social media accounts to your BPYC Member Profile.